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Tart Cherry for Uric Acid Balance

Tart Cherry for Uric Acid Balance

Are you plagued with joint discomfort and stiffness? One surprising contributor to these aches is uric acid in the blood. 

High uric acid levels are known to contribute to joint discomfort and inflammation.

However, tart cherries — which are rich in powerful anthocyanin antioxidants — may help balance uric acid levels naturally by promoting more optimal cleansing of uric acid from the body.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • what uric acid is
  • how it may affect your health
  • how tart cherry supplements may be used to promote powerful relief

What is uric acid?

Uric acid, sometimes called urate in research studies, is a breakdown product of food that’s found in your blood. It comes from the digestion, absorption, and breakdown of chemicals called purines, which are found in certain foods like added sugar (found in sodas, desserts, and other products containing corn syrup), seafood and organ meats, and alcohol. [1]

These purines are broken down into uric acid, which then circulates in the blood until it is filtered out by the kidneys and excreted as urine. 

The body typically maintains a tight regulation of uric acid in both the blood and the urine. When blood uric acid levels get too high, the urine may also have high levels of uric acid. However, uric acid can also crystallize in the body, where it may cause discomfort and inflammation.

High uric acid complications

Unfortunately, a high uric acid level in the blood can contribute to numerous health problems — most notably related to joint discomfort and inflammation. These issues may occur as a result of excess uric acid crystallization inside the body. 

Recently, researchers have also discovered that uric acid may be to blame for a number of other health problems as well. More and more evidence of the devastating effects of added sugars in the diet comes to light daily, one of which is their contribution to a high uric acid load. [1, 2]

One study examining the dietary intake data of over 4,000 adults found that men with the highest intake of added sugar and sugary drinks had the highest blood uric acid levels, while men with the lowest intake had lower uric acid levels. [3]

With high uric acid levels in the blood, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable, immobilized, tired, and inflamed. 

Fortunately, there are some ways that you may be able to naturally promote more effective cleansing of uric acid from your blood.

Tart cherry for uric acid reduction

Tart cherry has long been popular for joint discomfort and anti-inflammatory benefits related to aging and exercise recovery, but a great deal of research points to its usefulness for reducing uric acid levels too.  

In one high-quality 2019 study, researchers investigated the effects of 8 ounces of tart cherry juice daily for 4 weeks in people who were overweight or obese.

At the conclusion of the study, researchers found that taking the cherry juice supplement resulted in a nearly 20% decrease in their blood uric acid levels, a nearly 20% decrease in the inflammatory marker monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 and a 6% reduction in the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein. [4

A 2021 study noted that the antioxidant anthocyanins in cherries, which give them their dark hue, are likely responsible for their uric acid-reducing benefits. In this study, 48 participants were divided into six groups ingesting different doses of either tart cherry juice, capsules containing powdered tart cherry, or placebo.

Researchers noted an overall effect of an 8% decrease in uric acid levels among the participants who received cherry supplements, but they also found that powdered capsules were the most effective for lowering uric acid. This may be because there was a short period of increased uric acid levels after taking the cherry juice. [5

Finally, a 2019 review of six studies investigating nearly 1,000 participants found that cherry intake was indeed associated with lower uric acid levels across these studies, and that uric acid-lowering action could occur as quickly as 2 hours post-ingestion. [6]

Cherry Goodness Joint Health Plus

If you’re interested in lowering your uric acid levels naturally, Joint Health Plus may be the right choice for you.

It’s made with high quality NordicCherry®, a standardized, antioxidant-rich cherry extract, along with joint-supportive collagen type 2, inflammation-reducing Boswellia serrata, and Rephyll (beta-caryophyllene) for recovery.

Additionally, Joint Health Plus comes in a convenient capsule form that offers several benefits compared to liquid tart cherry juice. The capsules are totally sugar-free, so — unlike cherry juice that’s loaded with sugar — they won’t increase your uric acid level before lowering it. 

In fact, tart cherry capsules are recommended by a 2021 study in the scientific journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition to be a more advantageous form of tart cherry supplement than juice.

Additionally, it takes only two capsules to obtain a clinical-strength dose of 500 mg of NordicCherry® extract.

In addition to helping to support healthy uric acid levels, Joint Health Plus may also help to promote overall wellness, increased joint comfort, reduced levels of inflammation, and better recovery from exercise.


High uric acid levels may occur with a high-purine diet. Sugar in particular is a major source of purines that may contribute to excessive levels of uric acid in the blood.

These high uric acid levels may contribute to joint discomfort and inflammation.

However, recent research suggests that the anthocyanins in tart cherries may have a powerful normalizing effect on blood uric acid levels. Researchers have noted these effects in a number of studies, and have also found that tart cherries may help to reduce levels of inflammatory markers as well. 

One study even noted that powdered tart cherry capsules may offer an advantage over tart cherry juice.

Joint Health Plus by Cherry Goodness is a high-quality joint support supplement made with antioxidant-rich NordicCherry®. It’s available in capsule form, so it’s free of sugar and calories while providing the same powerful dose of tart cherry anthocyanins as juices.

To promote overall wellness and natural uric acid balance, without all the extra sugar, Cherry Goodness Joint Health Plus is the clear choice.


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