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What is Boswellia and Who Should Take It?

What is Boswellia and Who Should Take It?

If you’ve ever wondered what people did before there were doctors, drug stores, NSAIDs and similar pain medications, then you’re not alone. When it comes to medical care, we often think of people who lived hundreds of years ago as being unfortunate. But humans are really very ingenious. Over the centuries, they’ve learned to make brick ovens where they could bake their bread. They’ve learned how to plant and grow the food they needed. They’ve learned to make shelters and survive under the worst conditions. But what about pain, illness and disease?

Where Does Boswellia Come From?

For centuries, people around the world have been using natural herbs and plants for pain relief. From American Indians to the ancient Chinese, many have discovered plants and herbs that can bring pain relief. One of these is boswellia extract. This substance is derived from the Boswellia tree. This dwarf tree is native to the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. A well-known oil called frankincense is derived from the resin of this tree.

For thousands of years, people have used frankincense oil for all types of pain, illness and discomfort. In one study, 1000mg was given to participants each day to treat chronic ulcerative colitis. This regimen helped to relieve the pain and discomfort of this dreadful illness.

In recent times, researchers have tested frankincense and found that it can prevent the release of leukotrienes. These naturally occurring compounds are the root cause of inflammation in the body. Preventing the production of leukotrienes can even help to reduce dementia as people age.

More About the Boswellia Tree

The Boswellia tree grows on rocky slopes and rough terrain. Its bark is like paper and can be easily removed. The tree grows thick green compound leaves and delicate yellow and white flowers. For many centuries, resin from this tree has been harvested to make frankincense.

Boswellia extract has been widely used for centuries to treat a number of illnesses and conditions including:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Inflammation
  • Cognitive functions
  • Mood disorders 

By controlling inflammation in the body, boswellia helps to alleviate those feelings of overall pain and discomfort. Inflammation has long been known as a silent killer. It grows in the body as we age - damaging the heart, brain and digestive system. It makes us feel old before our time. Once inflammation begins in the human body, your immune system attacks its own tissue. With inflammation in the body increasing year after year, your quality of life is diminished. You feel listless. You may experience more skin rashes and bouts of forgetfulness.

New Research on Boswellia

Many studies have been conducted over the years and all have found that boswellia offers numerous benefits and has a very low risk of side effects. New research points to the fact that this all-natural substance may help with mobility, improving flexibility in joints and muscle recovery. It gives the user an overall sense of well-being and provides a balanced immune response. You may experience better mental faculties as well. Imagine being able to think fast just like when you were in your twenties.

As a dietary supplement, boswellia extract has been used for centuries by traditional Ayurvedic herbalists. In study after study, researchers have found that this herb has the ability to improve the key enzymes involved in maintaining healthy tissue.

Strengthening the Immune System

Your body’s immune system takes a lot of wear and tear in this day and age. That’s due to our polluted air, water and soil. The American diet is usually deficient in nutrients leaving most people open to bacteria and viruses. With a weakened immune system, humans are more likely to contract colds, flu and viruses. What if you could boost your immune system so that it’s stronger and well-balanced?

What are the signs of a weakened immune system?

We should all know these signs, especially as we age. If you’re experiencing two or more of these symptoms, then you could already have a weakened immune system:

  • Digestive problems
  • Too much stress
  • You feel tired all the time
  • Wounds heal slowly
  • You always seem to have a cold or sinus problems
  • Frequent infections

Boswellia can help!

Cherry Goodness Joint Health Plus is an all-natural supplement from Cherry Goodness. This nutritional supplement company is based in the U.S. with products that feature NordicCherry® tart cherry, an antioxidant that helps human cells fight damaging free radicals in the body. The Cherry Goodness Brand personifies the lifestyle of wellness and all-natural healing methods. 

Our supplements are made with care using the highest quality ingredients backed by science. Each product is tested and inspected to ensure quality. Our customers can shop with confidence.

Good for Vegans and Vegetarians

Cherry Goodness Tart Cherry: Joint Health Plus with boswellia extract is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It has no gluten or soy, and it offers a balanced immune response. 

If you’re tired of spending money on over-the-counter drugs that offer very little relief from pain, then try our tart cherry Joint Health Plus supplement with boswellia. The bioactive constituents in this all-natural formula have shown in scientific studies to help relieve joint pain and improve mobility. It’s great for general aches and pains throughout the body as well. You’ll begin to feel better about life in general as you experience less pain and discomfort.

The Cherry Goodness Brand Promise

We take the role of serving our community and our world seriously at Cherry Goodness. Our brand stands for quality, integrity and sustainability. We are dedicated to delivering superior products and services to the marketplace while not compromising along the way. We believe that this commitment to excellence will guarantee our customers receive pure formulas that offer the greatest benefits for excellent health and wellness. 

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